Trailer Rental Application

Busch Trailer Rental Application

Terms and Conditions:

Applicant authorizes Busch Trailer Rentals and/or its representatives and affiliates, including but not limited to third party collection agencies and their agents, subject to applicable law, to contact Applicant at any number or email address listed above, and to contact any other persons or companies that it deems necessary, including but not limited to those listed above, in order to verify or obtain information that Busch Trailer Rentals requires in connection with Applicants rental application or any transactions between Applicant and Busch Trailer Rentals, or in collecting or attempting to collect any debt(s) that Applicant owes to Busch Trailer Rentals. Applicant consents to receiving automated recordings, SMS text messages, and emails from Busch Trailer Rentals. Applicant understands that SMS text messages to Applicants wireless telephone number(s) may result in charges from Applicants wireless carrier(s), and Applicant agrees to pay said charges. Applicant agrees that if Applicant wishes to opt-out from SMS text messages, emails, and/or telephone calls from Busch Trailer Rentals LLC, Applicant will contact Busch Trailer Rentals in writing at 3131 West Harrison ST. Phoenix, AZ 85009. Applicant authorizes Busch Trailer Rentals LLC to request and receive credit reports from time to time pertaining to Applicant from any Credit Reporting Agency, which reports may contain information bearing on Applicants creditworthiness and criminal history, among other information.

WARNING: It is important to fill out this form accurately. By submitting this application, Applicant acknowledges and attests that all the information furnished above is true, correct, and complete.

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